Christmas Bells & Whistles as Celebrations Surround us at MYSUN

Christmas Bells & Whistles as Celebrations Surround us at MYSUN

2019 has been a memorable year for us MYSUN. Since our inception in 2016, we are very thankful for the tremendous growth and love that we have received from our hundreds of customers across India. And there is no better time to soak that in and celebrate with the team than the Christmas Eve.


Our Christmas Tree 😊 

The jingling of the bells, the sudden drop in the temperature with zero visibility and the impeccably adorable decorations on a brightly lit tree marks the onset of Christmas and a period of festivity. Remember, how we as kids waited eagerly for Christmas to secure a special gift from our dear old Santa Claus. As we grew up, we started seeing things logically, and now Santa Claus is the harbinger of hope, happiness, joy and merriment. It is this hope and spirit that we want to always keep alive among the MYSUN family. The Christmas Eve is a time we all have earmarked on our calendars. It’s the time for merry-making, decorating our individual desks and office and rounding off with some games and fun time. Oh and Secret Santa is always a big part of the plans.

With beautiful starry lit reception ceiling and a not so tall sparkling brightly lit Christmas tree rightly placed at the reception area, we eagerly awaited for the Secret Santa just as we would when we were kids. Having kept us waiting for a bit, surely he was stuck on the express highway, the Santa did arrive. And who could have played a better Santa than our very own, highly energetic and bubbly Co-Founder, Mr. Gyan Prakash Tiwari who made a memorable entry with loads of surprises for all of us? Thanks, Gyan Ji

you truly rock.


Our Rockstar Santa 🎾 

The child-like innocence on the faces of our team members as they quickly got to unwrapping their gifts was such a remarkable memory. We were all happy to be kids again, even if for a few seconds. After all, who doesn’t like a surprise gift! Keeping up with the theme of Christmas and fun, we explored Human Christmas Trees. Yes, you read that right. Our chosen colleagues were adorned with decorative items as they walked around the office waiting for their team members to deck them up. Trust us when we say, our Human Christmas Trees were better than any other Christmas Trees. MYSUN solar experts are actually multi-talented, in every aspect, aren’t they?


Our Human Christmas Trees 🎄 

As the Christmas legacy, after merrymaking, it was feast time. A big tempting Plum Cake was waiting for us at the Cake Table. When you visit the MYSUN office next, you must meet our Cake Table. It’s the place where we celebrate all cake cutting and we love gathering around it. From day 1, we have seen MYSUN grow not only as an organization but a growing well-knit family, who work together, laugh together and strive together to reach greater heights. It was a memorable evening and we already have started planning for the next time we all gather together to celebrate yet another occasion, and you can be sure, this is where you will read about it. Till then, its goodbye 2019, and we cannot wait for 2020, we are sure, it will be awesome.


Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a joyful new year.