Charging Automation: Charging Startup ROCSYS Finishes Seed Investment Round

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I am always saying how easy charging is. Well, in the Netherlands, ROCSYS, a charging automation company, just made it even simpler. ROCSYS appears to be streamlining parts of the EV charging process just ahead of the mass adoption that may create charging time issues. It addresses this concern with automation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


A ROCSYS press release affirms, “As the automotive world steadily moves towards self-parking and self-driving, charging automation becomes inevitable. ROCSYS’ patented solutions help operators of charging infrastructure to optimize utilization of their assets and run business critical operations with EVs.”

The ROCSYS press release from late November shared that ROCSYS had completed a seed investment round, which was led by Estonia-based investment fund Superangel. There was also an investment from, a venture capital fund focused on high-tech hardware. Earlier this year, it was announced that Dutch early-stage fund UNIIQ had also invested in ROCSYS.

Is this the Tesla snake charger? No, but it’s the same general concept, and it seems to be going somewhere.

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This technology can really help EV drivers, by keeping charging as quick, simple, and fluid as possible from the user’s perspective, and reportedly in an efficient manner. It is a seamless fit for the existing infrastructure. We will report back on notable deployments as we hear or see more news.

To close, here’s a bit more the press release had to say about the technology: “ROCSYS’ innovative soft robotics technology allows for safe and cost-efficient automation of the EV charging connection. This enables fully unmanned charging operations. Its solutions include support for high-power charging. For example, applying ROCSYS’ technology to the currently available 350kW chargers allows an electric vehicle to be automatically charged in under 15 minutes.” 
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