Celebrating Matt Kean Awareness Day

Minister Matt Kean

Here are some quick notes members of the Morrison Ministry may find handy in case they are ever asked who Matt Kean is.

It appears the information and special day is necessary based on an interview by ABC AM’s Sabra Lane with Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday morning. When asked about his views on Matt Kean’s calls for the Government to adopt stronger climate policies and stop fluffing about with carryover Kyoto credits, Prime Minister Morrison replied:

“Matt Kean doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t know what’s going on in the federal cabinet. Most of the federal cabinet wouldn’t even know who Matt Kean was.”

Matt Kean Is A Virgo

Mr. Kean was born on 16 September 1981, making him a Virgo. As such, he is strong, cheerful, loyal, passionate and observant; but can be a little dominating, sensitive and intense.

With that important information out of the way, let’s move onto the drier stuff.

He Is A Liberal

Nothing further to add.

Matt Kean Is The Member For Hornsby

In 2011, he became the youngest member of the NSW Legislative Assembly when he was elected Member for Hornsby, which he remains today.

He Is The NSW Energy And Environment Minister

Mr. Kean has served as the New South Wales Minister for Energy and Environment in the second Berejiklian ministry since April 2019. Previously, he was the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation from 30 January 2017.

Matt Kean Thinks Renewable Energy Is Good

While he may be unknown by most in Federal Cabinet according to Prime Minister Morrison, the Smart Energy Council thought Matt Kean important and well-known enough to invite him to speak at the Smart Energy Summit in December last year.

Minister Kean lauded the progress and potential for renewables, both large- and small-scale.

“We are already seeing mums and dads across the country installing solar panels on their roofs. Not because it is good for the environment – which it is. But because it saves money on their bills – it makes economic sense.”

The Minister said the opportunity that renewables provides households extends to every part the Australian economy and the Berejiklian Government intends making New South Wales the “centre of a new global energy order”, which could sound a little ominous to some.

Minister Kean Thinks Bushfires And Climate Change Are Bad

During his speech at the Summit, Minister Kean acknowledged the link between climate change and Australia’s bushfire crisis:

“These bushfires have been caused by extreme weather events, high temperatures, the worst drought in living memory – the exact type of events scientists have been warning us about for decades that would be caused by climate change,” he stated.

Matt Kean Is *Not* The Messiah

Given the way things have been going in Australia of late, some may feel we are in the Last Days. However, Minister Kean is not the Second Coming of the Messiah. If he was, Prime Minister Morrison wouldn’t have dared speak about The Saviour in such a way as it would probably really harm his chances in relation to The Rapture. The Minister is a mere mortal and like the rest of us has a fair bit of work to do before Judgement Day, including in his current portfolios.

But Prime Minister Morrison has performed a great service by highlighting the crisis involving the lack of Matt Kean awareness. Henceforth, January 20 each year will be celebrated as Matt Kean Awareness Day.

The information above should be enough to get federal cabinet members out of trouble if they are ever stopped on the street and asked who Matt Kean is. Ministers hungering to learn more about him can search the interwebs, check out his account on The Facebook or visit his web page.

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