Call for Submissions: Youth Perspective

Photo courtesy Portland Press Herald

ReVision Energy is inviting content submissions from High Schoolers offering their perspective on the climate crisis. An important value at ReVision Energy is constant learning, and we feel it’s important to learn from the generation who will feel the greatest impacts of humankind’s carbon pollution.

Content can be in the form of a written article submission (up to 250 words), 1 min. live or animated video, poem, drawing, song, interpretive dance… 😉 you decide.

We are looking for a content that provides value to our audience, a clear message, and originality. If your piece is selected, we may include it in our monthly newsletter (distributed to nearly 40,000 ReVision Energy customers, partners, and friends in the sustainability community), social media (over 20,000 followers), or on our website that sees over 250,000 of website visitors a year.

Submissions will be reviewed by our Marketing Team. If any of the facts in your content aren’t immediately obvious or widely known, the writer should cite their source.

Content can be submitted online via the form below:

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