Breakthrough for batteries? – Company claims that batteries last up to 25 years

Breakthrough for batteries? – Company claims that batteries last up to 25 years

The battery developers Aceleron says that it has developed lithium-ion batteries that can be repaired and improved meaning that they could last up to 25 years.

Currently, most batteries are thrown away after one component of the battery fails. This is obviously problematic considering how many batteries are being used today. We have them in our phones, laptops, remotes, watches and the list goes on. We certainly need to find ways of improving the longevity of batteries as well as reusing batteries.

Aceleron claims that its new battery packs are held together by compression which means that they can be easily disassembled. The products also include smart management technology which helps identify if there is a problem with the battery, allowing the performance of fuel cells and other components to be monitored. Therefore, if there is a problem with one component of the battery, failing parts can be swapped out or even upgraded if and when new and improved parts become available.

Aceleron claims that this new method of being able to replace failing parts means that their new battery packs could last around 25 years rather than just three.

Carlton Cummins, the firm’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, said: “If your car breaks down you don’t scrap it, you get it repaired.”

“We have designed the world’s first lithium-ion battery which can be serviced and maintained, giving it a lifespan of up to 25 years.”

This supposed breakthrough is encouraging in a time where demand for batteries is increasing with the growth in electric car sales and increased demand for battery storage systems.

Tam Hunt has written a very important article warning about the risks of a battery revolution and has pointed out that we simply do not have enough lithium in the ground to be able to sustain such a growth in the Lithium-Ion battery market. Therefore any breakthrough that can improve the longevity of batteries is certainly a good thing.

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