Assemblywoman Visits Tesla For “Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day”

Clean Power assemblywoman visits Tesla

Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Johnna Crider

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Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norries of Orange County, California, recently stopped by her local Tesla Delivery Center to show her support for young girls who could be tomorrow’s engineers. Several girls who attend Scholarship Prep, a school that focuses on intensive academics, athletics, and the arts, were able to learn about career opportunities at Tesla and learn about Tesla’s mission and how they could take part as well. 

As part of National Engineers Week, Envirolution teamed up with Tesla to host middle school students all across the country to encourage young girls to be a part of changing the world. This national movement supports the idea that girls can be engineers too and that this world is theirs to change for the better. In fact, when CleanTechnica toured Tesla’s manufacturing facilities in Fremont, California, last year, one of the top engineers we spoke with was a young woman. If you have a Tesla Model 3, much thanks is due to her.

This beautiful partnership started in 2018 at the first Tesla Gigafactory. In 2020, Envirolution worked with 11 Tesla locations across 5 states. Over 400 girls got to participate in the activities at the Tesla locations. Tesla actually had 180 volunteers across those locations pitch in to show the next generation of women engineers several things, including a behind-the-scenes tour, participation in STEM activities, and lunch with Tesla team members to learn about careers in STEM. Tesla employees also showed leadership by showing the different fields of engineering that they work in while working for Tesla. These fields include civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Young girls got to get hands-on as well. 

“With females making up only a fraction of the engineering workforce in the US, Tesla is committed to increasing female students’ exposure to manufacturing and engineering.” —Tesla

The tech industry always has this reputation of being biased toward men, especially in the workplace. Tesla has consistently shown interest in including women in the workplace. It has celebrated National Women’s Day events and is strongly focusing on diversity. Tesla, with its focus on encouraging young girls to become engineers, seems to want to change the stereotypes and weaknesses of the tech industry.

We need more women in the tech industry. Whether it’s writing, building, or even just learning about things that are new in tech, women need to know they are welcomed in an industry that is known to be a “guy’s thing.” Tesla is showing leadership on this topic and knows that its future will be stronger with the inclusion of women in the workplace

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