Array Technologies releases single-bolt clamp for 11-second module installations


Array Technologies, manufacturers of single-axis solar tracker solutions, has announced the launch of RapidClamp, a patent-pending single-bolt PV module clamp technology which drastically decreases solar module installation times.

Array Technologies’ RapidClamp

“The innovative RapidClamp greatly improves module installation times for EPCs installing First Solar Series 6 modules on DuraTrack single-axis solar trackers. It’s as simple as ‘Set, Click, Clamp,’” said Lucas Creasy, VP of engineering at Array Technologies. “Our team has achieved an installation record of 11 seconds per module, this further enhances our commitment to provide the lowest LCOE to our customers.”

RapidClamp features:

  • Fast, simple three-step module installation: Set, Click, Clamp.
  • Error-proof auto-alignment of modules.
  • Pre-assembled module clamp minimizes on-site assembly.
  • A reliable mounting system with integrated electrical bond.
  • The patent-pending single-bolt clamp offers no-slip octagonal torque tube clamping.
  • Eliminates gaps between modules or protrusions above the module for simplified cleaning operations and maximum row density.

Array has been a long-time collaborator with First Solar, having shipped over 1.2 GW of trackers using First Solar modules. In cooperation with engineers at First Solar, Array has adapted the proven time-saving single-bolt module clamp to leverage First Solar’s Series 6 modules with its innovative SpeedSlot mounting feature.

By tightening one bolt on Array’s patent-pending RapidClampT, technicians can install First Solar’s Series 6 solar modules on DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis solar trackers more quickly than with previous-generation clamp technology. Next-generation RapidClamp technology securely installs on Array’s utility-grade, no-slip octagonal torque beam to ensure instantaneous and error-free panel alignment in all directions, the company said in a press release.

News item from Array Technologies

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