An Industry in Faridabad That Chose to Go Solar with MYSUN is Saving More than INR 25 Lakh Annually

Faridabad solar power project

For an active business, power expenditure is a huge part of your fixed bills. Power being such a necessity, more often than not, we neglect the bills and take them as a necessary evil. By going solar, you would not just save a vast majority of this expense but also take a step to help the degrading environmental conditions by reducing the carbon footprint.

The Benefits of Solar Energy for Businesses

1. Independent Source of Power

Traditional power sources can be unreliable due to the risk of unforeseen failures. For businesses, it poses an operational risk and requires keeping additional backup power sources such as diesel generators. Going solar, especially with a hybrid system, will shield you from these operational risks as solar is more a risk-free source of power.

2. Fixed Electricity Tariff for 25 years

Power tariffs are subject to market and geopolitical dynamics. We have seen the power tariff hikes in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka most recently. These hikes have a direct impact on the bottom line of any operating enterprise. Solar energy, as the primary source of electricity for your business, deflects this effect and keeps your business immune from the tariff hikes for the next 25 years by fixing your tariff on day 1.

3. Accelerated Depreciation Benefits

By going solar you can avail Accelerated Depreciation benefits and reduce your business’s tax burden.

4. Assured Returns

Solar systems, unlike more traditional investments, offer assured returns. These returns are in the form of savings. Think of it this way, the savings on your electricity bills would pay for the cost of your system in ~3-5 years. Thereafter, you can enjoy free electricity for the next 20-22 years.

How much of a difference going solar can make?

Let’s elucidate this point with a real-time case study. Electricity was a major expenditure for our client who owns a manufacturing setup in Faridabad, Haryana. The setup consumed electricity worth millions every year. By going solar and with the help of MYSUN’s premium quality solar system, the setup is now generating enough electricity to sustain itself and is projected to save approximately 2.6 million rupees on power expenditures every year. With such huge yearly savings, the owners will now have a lot more funds to invest and grow their business.

Also, with the estimated payback period of 3.7 years, the solar project installed on the rooftop of the industry will essentially generate free electricity for the setup for the next 22 years of the solar system life.

Below is a screenshot of the project case study:

Solar Project in Faridabad

Go Solar with MYSUN’s Easy Payment Plans Today

At MYSUN we aim to make solar available for every business enterprise. With our easy to avail and affordable financing offerings, we are making solar feasible for businesses and industries every day. You can choose to pay for your solar system in monthly installments and immediately start seeing the return on investment in a few of years. To know more about the payment plans call our solar advisors now on +91 8448380218 or write to us at [email protected].

We hope, as depicted by the case study above, you must now know how solar is a viable investment for your business. And if you are a businessperson from Faridabad or any other city such as Gurgaon or Manesar in Haryana you must now have got an idea of the solar potential of your state. Therefore, delay no further and go solar today. If you are a businessowner in Faridabad looking to go solar, start your solar journey by scheduling your site survey today.