Algeria’s Condor claims PV business is fully operational

Algerian electronics manufacturer Condor said that its PV business unit has not filed for insolvency and insisted that the group’s recent staff cuts, as reported by Algerian media outlets, have not affected its solar operations.

“The photovoltaic business unit continues to operate under normal conditions,” the company said in a statement to pv magazine. “As proof of this, Condor Photovoltaïques is preparing future projects that are very promising in the renewable energy sector.”

The company said that it secured the rights to build a 50 MW solar project in a tender that was finalized in October, as part of a consortium that included Algerian company El Sewedy. “Another project for the supply of equipment for the production of 50 MW for SKTM, subsidiary of Algerian gas provider Sonelgaz, is also underway,” the company stated. Condor also said it has implemented several technological improvements at its 130 MW factory, including the adoption of PERC technology and a shift toward four-busbar cells.

However, the group has refused to directly respond to claims by Tunisian and Algerian media outlets indicating that it is already in insolvency proceedings with the Algerian authorities. It has also refused to provide clarity on how Condor Photovoltaïques is linked to its broader corporate structure.

Earlier this week, pv magazine reported that almost 40% of the group’s 1,000 workers had been let go from the company. At the time, Condor did not respond to requests to confirm the accuracy of the insolvency report.