Acting Now to Capture Renewable Energy Incentives That Expire Soon

Acting Now to Capture Renewable Energy Incentives That Expire Soon

The California Vehicle Rebate Project

The California Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) is a California electric vehicle incentive that provides up to $7,000 for the lease or purchase of new zero-emissions vehicles are that are eligible. If the applicant is from a low to medium income household, they qualify for higher rebates. Fuel cell electric vehicles get the highest rebates, and plug-in hybrid electrics get the lower-tier rebates.

The CVRP ‘Rebate Now’ Program in San Diego

If you’re a San Diego resident, the CVRP rebate has just become even more attractive. The Rebate Now program, which is available only in San Diego as a pilot program, allows residents to get preapproved for the rebate before even going to a car dealership. Even better, San Diego residents can use that preapproved rebate as a down payment for the EV, so they can go and pick up the electric vehicle by using only the rebate money. It’s an amazing program that all San Diego residents should look in to.

So as you can see, between Federal, State, and local programs, getting an Electric vehicle has never been cheaper, and for some models, like the Chevy Bolt and Volt, which are extremely popular models, they will never be as cheap as they are now.

The Electric Car and Solar Combination

By now you’ve probably heard about the trend of electric vehicle owners going solar, and vice versa. There’s good reason, it really is a match made in heaven. With the combination of the two, you can use your solar to power your electric vehicle, which makes it so you don’t have to pay for gas, or the electricity needed to power the car. So you will literally be powering your car with clean, free energy from the Sun. It is the ultimate level of self sustainability, as well as money saving: a point at which where you no longer will be paying for power, or gas. As you can imagine, with rising gas and electricity prices, the compounding savings can be impressive.

Those savings alone are substantial. Even without solar, switching from a gas to electric vehicle lowers your cost-per-mile from $.25/mile to about $.05/mile — even buying that electricity from SDG&E — and no money spent on tune-ups or oil changes; all you need to buy is tires every so often. If you also have solar, the cost drops to half that much ($.025/mile), unless your panels are paid off and then your cost-per-mile is zero!