6 Things that Every Industry Should Consider Before Going Solar

solar system for industrial use

Going solar today is an extremely affordable solution for meeting the rising energy demands. In fact, as per a survey by the International Renewable Energy Agency in 2018, the cost of building a large scale solar installation fell in India by 27% in the last year alone. With constant innovation in technology especially in the storage sector, going solar is a viable alternative for anyone who owns an Industrial or Commercial establishment. The premise of an 80%* savings on the electricity bill has a huge impact on the operating costs and therefore the profitability of the business.

Having said that, going solar is a decision that you have to live with for the next 25 years so it is imperative that you make your choice well informed. Here are the six things that every industry owner should consider before going solar:

1. Understanding the savings potential of your site with Industrial Solar Systems

Solarizing an industry can help reduce expenditure on power bills and also help them to enhance profitability. However, the exact optimum size of the solar system and the savings potential of your site varies considerably from your next-door neighbor since it depends on a variety of factors such as the roof type, geographical location, establishments in the vicinity, etc.

This is where MYSUN’s self-developed highly accurate proprietary tools such as the MYSUN Solar Calculator prove to be a healthy game changer. Within seconds you can get a snapshot of the savings potential for your industry. For example, below are two industries with very different electricity bills and therefore very different savings potential.

With our highly accurate MYSUN Site Survey, you get an even more accurate picture of the exact savings potential and accurate generation prediction numbers for your site. Each site is unique and at MYSUN, we take a lot of pride in ensuring that the savings potential of your site is met to its absolute best.

industrial solar power system

2. Solar Feasibility of your Industry’s Rooftop

Each rooftop is unique and presents its own set of challenges for installations. With good engineering and precise estimations using shadow analysis, it is possible to know exactly how feasible solar would be for your rooftop. Some old building for example which may not have very flat rooftops may require some kind of structural solution in order to go solar. The good news is that most industries in India have a lot of empty, unutilised space on the rooftop and therefore more often than not an optimum solution can be drawn keeping the safety of the building and the rooftop in mind.

3. Understanding the Grid Connectivity and the type of solar system viable for your industry

Knowing the grid connectivity of the industry as well as the power requirement is what dictates the type of solar system that the industry should go for. If the industrial building is connected to the grid then an on-grid solar system could be ideal for the industry. With an on-grid solar system, the industry would also be able to reap the benefit of net-metering.

However, if the industry is not connected to the grid or if the industry faces too many outages then a DG connected solar system for captive consumption would be the best option, as the off-grid solar system might be less cost-effective. While it is good to know the difference and use cases of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems, your ideal solar installer/partner will be able to make a recommendation for the same keeping in mind the economics as well as the feasibility of both.

4. Knowledge of the solar policy of your state

In order to boost the adoption of solar systems, the government of India, as well as the State Government, have laid out specific solar policies. These solar policies include the take on connectivity approvals, net-metering, tax benefits etc. They have a direct impact on the benefits an industry would draw by going solar. Proper knowledge of the latest policies is therefore indispensable and is a must to be discussed with any Solar Partner for maximum solar benefits. If you are unaware of what is the latest solar policy is in your state and how it affects you, you may want to head over to our extremely detailed, yet easy to understand Solar Policy Page to get an overview before you make your decision to go solar.

5. Reviewing which Solar Energy Model is optimum for your industry – Capex or Opex & Flexible Payments

Investment required for an industry to go solar is relatively high compared to the investment required in solarizing a residential building. Therefore, checking the financial feasibility of both models i.e the CAPEX and OPEX should be a priority when solarizing an industry. While in CAPEX, the solar system is owned, operated, maintained(on paid basis) by the industry, in OPEX, the solar system is owned by an Investor or a third party.

Thus, in OPEX, the industry pays for the per-unit power that it generated and is billed as per the power purchase agreement and not for the installation and maintenance of the solar system. The best part is when you decide to go solar with MYSUN, our solar advisors walk you through a detailed comparison of the OPEX and CAPEX models for you and also provide you with easy to avail flexible payment plans where you can pay a small fee upfront and pay out the remainder of the amount in easy installments over a period of 3~5 years. This will help you save a lot of money upfront and yet reap the benefits of solar.

6. Choosing the right Solar Partner for your industry

Choosing the right solar partner will ensure that all the above 5 points and a lot more are taken care of and you sit back and relax while enjoying the benefits of solar. You can read in detail on some of the things that you must consider in a solar partner before you zero in. Think of going solar as a long term commitment, one that you will make for a big part of your life. You do not want to be stuck with a solar installer who is chasing the next big cheque.

At MYSUN, the reliability and longevity of your solar system drive our business principles. You are welcomed into a family of solar experts with decades of industrial experience who not only understand solar but also the economics for you and ensure that beyond just the power supply, your business actually profits from the decision.

Keeping all the above points in mind before solarizing will ensure you make an informed choice. It will ensure that your industry’s investment in solar is most calculated to gain the best returns possible. So do not procrastinate any longer as your electricity bills are not getting any slimmer. Call our solar advisors today on +91 8448380218 and start your solar journey.