6 Plug-In Hybrid Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks Join NOLA Sewage & Water Fleet

February 21st, 2020 by  

You will see more hybrid pickups in the city of New Orleans for its Sewerage and Water Board. The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) has deployed 6 new XL plug-in hybrid electric Ford F-150 trucks to its fleet.

I actually rode in one of the Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid trucks during the Clean Fuels Summit in New Orleans last fall. Emily Federer, Environmental Services Manager for the Port of New Orleans, spoke at the Clean Fuels Summit in New Orleans and volunteered the plug-in hybrid Ford F-150 as part of the ride & drive event at NOLA Motorsports Park.

These new vehicles were unveiled at the SWBNO Central Yard on January 28th, and Mayor LaToya Cantrell was there along with several other organizations, such as the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership and XL Fleet. These F-150 pickups have been equipped with the XLP plug-in hybrid electric drive system. This has been proven to improve fuel economy while reducing emissions.

This was funded by the New Orleans RPC’s Clean Fuel Transition Fund for Public Fleets and managed by the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership. It was developed to help our public fleets use cleaner fuels and tech while being in operation. Although many may see hybrids, even plug-in hybrids, as less valuable than pure electric vehicles when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, plug-hybrids are in some cases the perfect balance of cost efficiency and cleaner energy for fleets that are funded by the government.

Also, if the vehicles have enough charging options on their daily routines, they can easily driving on electricity the majority of the time. 

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