5 Things that you must look for in the Perfect Solar PV Installer

Solar PV Installer

Since you are reading this blog post, we are sure you already are well aware of the benefits of solar and are at a stage of considering going solar. Before you decide to go solar there are three key things that you must absolutely consider:

  1. Accurately predict the generation potential of your site
  2. Understand and seek flexible payment/ loan for the solar system
  3. Short list the ‘right solar PV installer and partner’ for you

With the MYSUN Solar Calculator, you can achieve the accurate generation prediction within seconds. Under MYSUN Flexi-PayTM and MYSUN Deferred Payment, you can always opt for flexible payments for your solar system. You may want to give a call to our customer delight team on +91 9873167009 to know more.

This blog post dives deep into how should one go about selecting their perfect rooftop solar installer – a solar partner. Choosing the right solar installation company is absolutely critical because going solar is a decision that you have to stand by for the next 25 years. Not only should the solar installer be experienced, well connected and well equipped, but also must stand by the warranties/ guarantees and stand with you for the life of the solar system. A well-reputed solar PV installer as your solar partner will ensure you are well informed and make choices that are in the best economic interests for you rather than seek an interest of its own. The longevity and reliability of your solar system rests solely on the shoulders of your solar installer and this is why this choice becomes a difference between you saving a few Lakh Rupees a year and a Lakh and some more.

So whether you are considering installing a solar system at an industry or your home, you should follow the guidelines below to make an informed choice, and handpick the right rooftop solar PV system installer.

Here are the five things that you must look for before choosing a solar installation company:

1. Existing projects done by the solar PV installer in your region

When choosing your solar installer assessing the local presence of the installer should be your priority. A solar installer with a strong local presence will not only be able to install your solar system with no delay, but will also be able to provide you with a rigorous after-sales service. And since going solar is at least a 25-year long investment, a diligent servicing is more than mandatory. Having your installer at an approachable distance will ensure even minor breakages are attended to in time and your solar system uptime is optimum.

Studying the size and number of projects completed by the installer in your region is therefore necessary. When selecting your solar installer, do not be afraid to ask for a visit to one of the installed systems by them in your local region so that you can see and get a sense of the engineering and civil work.

2. Team background and engineering expertise of the solar PV installer

The engineering behind your solar system dictates not just the savings that you stand to make on your power bills after installing a solar system but also the overall life of your solar system. Power generation from a solar system is dependent on numerous factors, such as the geographical location of your site, the solar irradiance at your location, the shadowing objects on your rooftop and the power requirements of your building. Hence, an optimally performing solar system is a product of precise engineering; taking into account all the aforementioned influencing factors. Unlike a lot of engineering subjects, a good engineering is a product of not just good knowledge but also on-field experience. A lot of practical situations and issues can be tackled best by an engineering team that has been setting up projects daily.

Therefore, a thorough background check on the solar installing company’s past experience and engineering expertise of the team is advised. It will give you a snapshot of the team’s capabilities, giving you a delivery assurance of a high performing solar system.

3. Relationship of the Solar PV installer with top of the line suppliers and vendors

A famous saying in English, ‘you are known by the company you keep’ is perfectly apt here. A solar installer/partner who deals in the most premium segment with the best vendors and suppliers not only will ensure you get top of the line and latest technology but also will get them to you at the market-beating prices. A good solar installer will have a long-standing relationship with these top of the line vendors which would enable them to also stand by the warranties and guarantees efficiently. The direct benefit of a good working relationship between the supplier and solar partner will be extremely beneficial both at the time of installation as well as in the after-sales where replacements can be managed quickly. Do ask your solar partner for who their suppliers and vendors are to get a clear idea.

4. Flexible financing and necessary guarantees/ warranties offered by the Solar Installer

Going solar will help you save millions in your power bills every year, but there is no denying that solar is a sizeable investment. And financing options from the solar installer makes the decision economical and easy. With easy flexible payment options such as the MYSUN FlexiPayTM provided by MYSUN, for residential customers, and the MYSUN Deferred Payment plan for Commercial and Industrial customers you can install a premium solar system and pay for it with the savings you make on your monthly electricity bills over a period of time. Thus, not worrying about the huge upfront cost of the solar system. In a way, your solar system is free of cost as your savings are paying for it. In a matter of 3~5 years, the cost is repaid and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of power generation for the next 20 years and pocket the savings.

A right solar installer will always furnish a transparent and justified guarantee/warranty on your system. You may also want to check with the solar installer for extended warranties. It is a worthy investment and keeps your solar system absolutely safe for large parts of the 25 years.

5. Customer testimonials and reviews of the Solar PV Installer

Customer testimonials and reviews are a true representation of a solar installer’s capabilities. It speaks of the actual performance of the solar system designed and commissioned by the solar installer. It also tells of the relationships that the solar installer is successful in keeping with its customers. Going through the customer testimonials of the installer is, therefore, a smart way to verify the credibility of the solar installer in the market among its customers. In this digital world, just a little bit of diligent research will give you the answers to what the existing customers are talking about their solar installers/partners. For example, to know the customer testimonials of MYSUN customers you can click here, read the reviews on google here, or check our social media pages here: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Screening your prospective solar installer with above-mentioned criteria will help you select a perfect solar partner and installer for a rewarding solar journey. At MYSUN, we understand the value of solar investment made by each of our customers. We, therefore, strive to provide the most precisely engineered solar system loaded with technologically advanced components alongside Flexible Payment Plans. Add to it our immaculate after-sale service, a hassle-free 25-year-long solar experience, we make your solar journey memorable. So, if you are convinced and want to go solar, the magical number to dial is +91 9873167009 and our solar advisor will help you not just with your queries but also furnish an absolutely free of cost solar assessment report for your site.