3megawatt Announces Global Partnership Network

3megawatt Announces Global Partnership Network

Munich, 19 February 2020 – 3megawatt, the world’s leading renewable asset management

software company, announces an exclusive partnership network of asset
management service providers.

The first of its kind in the renewable energy industry, 3megawatt’s network of asset
management service partners gives asset owners the tools to keep up with rapid
industry changes. This network reflects 3megawatt’s commitment to help portfolio
owners scale their businesses and offer more value to new and existing clients.
3megawatt’s partnership network helps portfolio owners find qualified asset management
service providers specifically trained in the BluePoint software platform.
This growing directory of service providers will enable asset owners to easily find
service partners by asset type (solar, wind, hydro, storage, biomass, etc.) and country.
It may be impractical for some owners to internally manage all their assets—this is
especially true for owners of small portfolios or assets spread across several locations.
With 3megawatt’s partnership network, asset owners can selectively outsource
some non-critical asset management activities to partners that understand
the relevant market, speak the language, and can more effectively navigate local

The benefit of 3megawatt’s partnership network for asset owners is the ability to
work with asset management service providers who provide their services based on
a recognized industry-specific software platform. Asset owners can rest easy knowing
that the software will have long-term support regardless of the service provider’s

One key advantage to standardized software is its ability to help portfolio owners
easily consolidate asset information across their portfolios, even if they work with
multiple service providers. All asset management partners have significant Blue-
Point expertise, while continuous training ensures they remain on top of industry
best practices.

“Portfolio owners and operators face an increasingly difficult challenge in efficiently
managing growing and diverse renewable energy assets in a price-sensitive environment,”
said Edmee Kelsey, CEO of 3megawatt. “We are committed to help grow
our industry by providing portfolio owners more flexible options to manage their
assets. Our BluePoint software platform and our new partnership network make
this possible.”

About 3megawatt – 3megawatt provides BluePoint, the industry leading software
solution for asset management in all stages of the wind and solar asset lifecycle.
BluePoint simplifies, streamlines, and automates business processes, such as contract
and compliance management, asset register management, event and task
management, aggregation of data feeds, financial management, project development,
energy invoicing, and reporting. BluePoint offers API integration with various
external data sources, such as data monitoring, weather data feeds, and ERP/accounting
systems via an intuitive and collaborative user interface. BluePoint supports
various generation technologies such as solar PV, wind, hydro, biomass,
biogas, and storage.