10 Home Improvements You Can Offset with Solar

10 Home Improvements You Can Offset with Solar

When most people look into going solar, they are looking to eliminate existing power bills that are accrued by the typical power usages : air conditioning, appliances, lighting, televisions, etc. Occasionally though, some homeowners contact us looking to install solar to offset a future home addition, as in, they want to install in preparation for a future electric bill increase caused by a planned home improvement. These additions can be for pleasure or work purposes, but either way, certain additions can add alot of usage to a power bill, but likely can be easily offset by installing solar. 

To give you an idea of the types of improvements people are installing for, we compiled a list of ten common home additions that homeowners install solar to offset.

1. Pools / Hot Tubs

The most common home addition that homeowners plan to offset with their solar are pools and hot tubs. When it comes to pools, the pumps needed to keep them clean have to be run around 8 hours a day. For those that don’t know, the pool pump is essentially the circulation system used to move the water through a filter and then back into the pool. Running that for 8 hours a day can use a ton of power, as the average 3 horsepower pump uses around 3.17kWh. 

Hot tubs are another common home addition that homeowners will install solar to offset. While hot tubs don’t require the high powered pump systems that a pool does, the heaters that they use do a good amount of energy. An average 240 volt hot tub heater uses around 7.5kW, and while they don’t need to be run as long as a pool pump, they can still add a significant amount of electrical usage, depending on frequency of use.